How it started

The NRCC was started when its founders realized that there is a lack of per-U hosting space in real datacenters for homelabbers. It was formed to negotiate for racks within datacenters, then making that space available at a per-U rate to the cooperative’s members.

How it’s going

The NRCC has a growing membership base and provides services to members across the Northeast United States.


Learn a little about how the NRCC came to be below.


Chris initially suggested the idea to Eamonn and Miles for a nonprofit cooperative in late 2023, who immediately loved the idea.


The paperwork for the formation of a nonprofit was filed shortly after the idea was first broached. NRCC was officially founded at the end of 2023 to provide services to homelabbers looking for reliable sites to run servers.

Initial Deployment

The first deployment of NRCC resources was made to a datacenter used by one of the founders. This datacenter lives in a small town near the (former) Tappan Zee Bridge, and had been hosting Eamonn and Miles’s server gear for just over 3 years, until the formation of the cooperative. At that point, the existing rack was rebuilt and made available for coop members.

Ongoing Deployments

NRCC has been supporting hobbyist’s deployments since 2023 by providing rack space. With options to make a second rack available for members, the nonprofit is growing at a steady rate.