All members are billed an annual $50 fee, on the anniversary of their signing up for membership. This fee allows members to purchase rack space in NRCC racks.

Included Benefits

Members of NRCC enjoy a series of privileges, such as:

  • Access to the NRCC community
  • An invitation to NRCC’s Discord
  • Dividends from the cooperative

Hosting Membership

If a member chooses to lease space in the rack, they become a “Hosting Member.” This costs $50 per month per rack-unit, and includes 100W of power for free. Any usage of power above the alotted amount will result in an additional charge at $285 per kW used.

Included Benefits

  • One unfiltered network drop
  • One out-of-band management network drop
  • VPN into management network
  • 1 public IP (additional IPs available upon request)
  • 100W of power included for free per-U
  • Voting rights for policy, financial, and technical decisions of the nonprofit

How Power Billing Works

We measure power as an average usage figure over the course of the month. This means that if for one half of the month you used 200W, then for the second half of the month you didn’t use any (for example, if the server is shut off), you would pay for an average power usage of 100W.

Why It’s Complicated

Sadly, power is a complex beast in the datacenter world. As much as most would imagine that power is measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), the unit used for residential customers, it is instead billed to NRCC as an average utilization over a month. The equivalent cost per kWh is about $0.40/kWh.

As an example, if your server draws 1kW of power continuously, for a month, your bill for power would be $285 (minus the 100W free per-U!).


Regular MemberHosting Member
$50 per year$50 per year + $50 per U per month
Access to the NRCC communityAccess to the NRCC community
Access to NRCC members-only Discord channelAccess to NRCC hosting members-only Discord channel
DividendsVoting rights + Dividends
No servers in a rackYour server(s) in a rack